What is TMT Bar ??

TMT bars are extensively used in different kinds of civil construction projects, therefore they form the cornerstone of modern city life. They are used for making building, beams, slabs, columns and also other kind of structures that bear the live load of people as well as their belongings. They should also be able to offer protection to a structure against earthquake and windstorms.

The TMT  Bars stand for Thermo-Mechanically Treated, it is a process of rapidly cooling down bars in the molten state. This cooling down process is either done spraying water at regular intervals. This regular interval will further define the characteristics of the bars. This interval of quenching of bars will give rise to different grades of TMT bars in fact


TMT bars and different Steel Grades :

Fe – 415: Due to its higher uniform elongation, it is the choice of TMT bars for the common homeowner. This higher elongation makes them perfect for building structures in earthquake-prone areas.  With the added advantage of anti-resistant coating, they are resistant to corrosion and rust as well.

Fe – 500: A TMT bar which is known for its diverse usages, they have been used in bridges, multiple story commercial structures and underground structures. They are popularly used in coastal areas due to their anti-corrosion resistant properties.

Fe – 550: a Little bit better than Fe 550, they are used where the scale of the project is slightly bigger for Fe 500 to handle.

Fe – 600: Made for structures which require strength and toughness, this TMT bars is known for its high tensile strength more than anything else.