Reactive Dyes
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  • Reactive Black Dyes

    Name:C.I.Reactive Black 5,Reactive Black KN-B,Black B,Cibacron Navy DP-B Molecular Formula:C26H21N5Na4O19S6 Molecular Weight: 991.82 CAS Number:17095-24-8 EINECS No.: 241-164-5   Properties and Applications: Used for cotton, viscose, wool and polyamide fiber disseminated, roll the dye, knot dyeing piled up and dyeing of continuous. Can also be used for cotton or viscose fabric printing and dyeing directly the printing and discharge printing  
  • Reactive Blue dyes

    Name:Reactive Blue 4 Molecular Formula:C23H12Cl2N6Na2O8S2 Molecular Weight: 681.39 CAS Number:13324-20-4 EINECS No.: 236-363-9  

    Properties and Applications: bright blue. Dark blue powder.  Mainly used for cotton, nylon, wool, silk and viscose yarn and fabric as the dyeing and printing, printing and dyeing directly. 

  • Reactive Green Dyes

    Name: Reactive Green 19 Molecular Formula:C40H23Cl2N15Na6O19S6 Molecular Weight:1418.94 CAS Number:61931-49-5

    Properties and Applications: The dye sex is high, the reaction of the medium, and easy to wash the gender is good. For A class of neutral white, white alkaline for grade C. Apply to cotton, such as glue than small bath dyeing, with high economic value. Also suitable for polyester/cotton, polyester/stick blended fabric dyeing.

  • Reactive Orange Dyes

    Name:C.I.Reactive Orange 84 Molecular Formula:C58H30Cl2N14Na8O26S8 Molecular Weight: 1850.29 CAS Number:91261-29-9   Properties and Applications: orange. Mainly used for cotton or viscose fiber dyeing, apply to roll dye, dyeing, also can be used to knot dyeing. Can also be used for the polyester/cotton, polyester/stick blended fabric dyeing
  • Reactive Red Dyes

    Name:C.I.Reactive Red 152 Molecular Formula:C52H30Cl2N14Na6O20S6 Molecular Weight: 1752.11

    CAS Registry Number:71870-80-5

    APPLICATIONS: Most suitable for Textile Dyeing.
  • Reactive Yellow dyes

    Name: Reactive Yellow 86 Molecular Formula:C18H14Cl2N8Na2O9S2 Molecular Weight: 667.37 CAS Number:61951-86-8 EINECS No.:274-956-4   Application: Mainly used for cotton, viscose fiber yarn and fabric of the jig dyeing or disseminated. Suitable for fast and resistance to chlorine filled fabric. Can also be used for cotton or rayon fiber direct printing, resist and discharge printing.