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  • Fast Blue B Base dyes

    Product Name : Fast Blue B Base Synonyms : Ortho Di Anisidine Base Molecular Formula : C14H16N2O2 Molecular Weight : 244 CAS No. : 119-90-4 EINECS No.: 204-355-4   Physical Appearance : Light Pinkish to Violet Crystalline Dry Powder Purity  : 100%  PH : 7.5-8.0 Solubility : Soluble In Dilute HCL Insoluble In Tetrazo : Less Than 1.00% Form : Solid (Wet Cake / Dry Powder) Storage : Cool & Dry Place
  • Fast Bordeaux GP Base Dyes

    Product Name: FAST BORDEAUX GP BASE Chemical Name: 4- Methoxy – 2 Nitro Aniline Molecular Formula: C7H8N2O3 Molecular Weight : 168 C.A.S.NO.: 96-96-8 EINECS No.: 202-547-2   Description: Bright Orange Red Powder Melting Point: 123 C – 124 C Application: Dyeing of cotton fabrics with various naphthols to obtain more than 15 shades
  • Fast Garnet GBC Base Dyes

    Name: FAST GARNET GBC BASE CAS No: 35472-85-6 Chemical Formula: C14H16ClN3 Appearance: brown powder Free amine melting point 100℃ Strength: 100±3% Purity :90% Uses: It mainly used for cotton fabric dyeing and printing, also can be used for dyeing viscose, silk, cotton fiber fabric. Can be used as dyes, organic pigments and pharmaceutical intermediates. Staining, AS-D, AS, AS-BS and naphthol red dye coupling. This product coupling ability is strong, coupling speed is slow, coupling pH value is 4-5.5.
  • Fast orange GC Base Dyes

    Name: Fast Orange GC Base

    Chemical Name: 3-Chloroaniline

    Molecular Formula: C6H6ClN

    Molecular Weight: 127.573

    CAS: 108-42-9 EINECS No.: 203-581-0 Features:   Accurate Composition, High Effectiveness Melting Point: 130-140 Deg C
  • Fast Scarlet G base dyes

    Name: Fast Scarlet G Base Chemical Name: 2-Methyl-5-nitroaniline   Molecular Formula: C7H8N2O2 Molecular Weight: 152.15 CAS NO: 99-55-8 EINECS: 202-765-8 Purity: 88% Solubility: Soluble in Water Melting Point: 135-140 Deg C  Usage: Used in Textile Industry in Processes Involving Wax Print and African Print
  • Fast scarlet R Base Dyes

    Name: Fast Scarlet R Base Chemical Name: 4 Nitro Ortho Anisidine Molecular Formula: C7H8N2O3 Molecular Weight: 168 C.A.S.NO.: 99-59-2 EINECS No.: 202-770-5   Description: Bright Orange Powder Melting Point: 116 C – 120 C Application: Dyeing of cotton fabrics
  • Fast scarlet RC Base Dyes

    Name: Fast Scarlet RC Base Chemical Name: 2-methoxy-5-nitrobenzenediazonium Molecular Formula: C7H9O3N2Cl Molecular Weight: 204.62 CAS Number: 27165-17-9 EINECS No.:248-282-6   Purity: 90% Melting Point: 115-120 C Appearance: Brown Powder Solubility: Soluble in water Usage: Used in Textile Industry
  • Fast Yellow GC Base Dyes

    Name: Fast Yellow GC Base Chemical Name: Benzenediazonium Category : Intermediates/Dyestuff intermediates

    CAS NO : 17333-83-4

    EINECS No.: 241-355-3

      Molecular Formula : C6H4ClN2 Molecular Weight : 139.65 Melting Point : 135-140 Deg C Solubility : Soluble in water Purity : 80% Uses : mainly applied to the dyeing and printing of cotton fabrics, and printing and manufacturing organic pigments.