Acid Dyes
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  • Acid Black dyes

    Name: Acid Black 1 Molecular Formula:C22H14N6Na2O9S2 Molecular Weight: 616.49 CAS Number:1064-48-8 EINECS No.: 213-903-1   Properties and Applications: Even dye the gender is poorer. Mainly used for wool, silk, polyamide fiber and its blended fabric dyeing and printing, also can be used for paper, electrical-controlled aluminum, soap, wood, biological, leather, medicine and cosmetics shading, also can be used in the manufacture of ink.
  • Acid Blue dyes

    Name:Acid Blue 7  Molecular Formula:C37H35N2NaO6S2 Molecular Weight: 690.81 CAS Number:3486-30-4 EINECS No.:222-476-0   Applications: For wool, silk and polyamide fiber fabric dyeing and printing, and can also be used in leather, paper, cosmetics, soap, biological and rubber color.
  • Acid Green dyes

    Name:Acid Green 16 Molecular Formula:C27H25N2NaO6S2 Molecular Weight: 560.62 CAS Number:12768-78-4 EINECS No.: 603-214-8   Properties and Applications: green.Mainly used for wool, silk dyeing and printing, suitable for wool fabric dyed dark. High dye migration sex and good permeability, applicable to the piece dyed.
  • Acid Metal Complex Dyes

    Acid Metal Complex Dyes

    Features :
    • Dyes are non-caustic, thus delivering superior results
    • Dyes allowing mixing with different acids like acetic, sulphuric acid and vinegar for achieving the desired coloring
    • Reliable and safe to use
    • Available in finish forms including strongly acidic and moderately acidic neutral
    • Coming in excellent light-fastness and medium washing fastness grades
    • Comes with superior level dyeing and penetration characteristics
    • Can handle irregularities in substrates
    Applications :
    • Wood stains
    • Leather finishing
    • Stationery printing inks
    • Inks
    • Coloring for metals & plastic
    MOQ 50kg :
  • Acid Orange Dyes

    Name: Acid Orange 7 Molecular Formula:C16H11N2NaO4S Molecular Weight: 350.33 CAS Number:633-96-5 EINECS No.: 211-199-0   Applications:  Mainly used for silk and wool dyeing, widely used in wool dyeing, can be used for wool, silk and polyamide fiber fabric of direct printing, leather and paper color, can also be used in indicator and biological shading. Is tasted can be used as a food dye, heavy metal salt used in organic pigments.
  • Acid Yellow Dyes

    Name:C.I.Acid Yellow 36 Molecular Formula:C18H16N3NaO3S Molecular Weight: 375.38 CAS Number:587-98-4 EINECS No.: 209-608-2   Applications: Mainly used for soap shading, in strong acid dye bath dyeing wool, also can dye leather. When used for paper to measure good color. Also can be used in the manufacture color amylum, paint, wood products, biological dyeing. Can also be used in medicine and cosmetics.