About Us

Sparrowings International manufacturer and exporter of Chemical-based products, Submersible Cables-wires as per Indian Standard and we also import from other countries as per our requirements for local clients.

Sparrowings International don’t just maintain the highest possible quality but we never leave a stone unturned to surpass the standards of quality set by different reputed organizations- we try to redefine quality itself.

Being in this business for a long time has taught us that to keep our words is one of the inevitable parameter Sparrowings International for guaranteed success.

We use different ways and means to follow our promise of the highest possible quality.

We sent the test results of our goods checked by a government-approved laboratory before dispatch, the consignment starts its journey only if the results are approved by the buyer.

We always keep ourselves updated with all the latest knowledge. we all know only knowledge isn’t power but to use it when needed makes a real difference. We perennially work to collect knowledge, search every aspect, and find the one which is most useful for us.